2018-2019 Schedule

Head Coach: Kyle Forness
Interim Head Coach:  Jackson Litterer
Assistant Coach:  Adam Endres
Assistant Coach:  Lee Hansen

2018-2019 Schedule

Head Coach:  Brandon Clubb
Asst. Coach:  Mark Stern
10th Grade Coach:  Nick Neuendorf
9th Grade Coach:  Richie Logsdon


2018 Schedule

Head Coach: Jane Astor
Head Coach: Ben Robison

2018 Schedule

Head Coach: Jackie Clubb
Assistant Coach: Rachel Berkland
Assistant Coach: Jamie Hebl
Assistant Coach: Natalie Fry
Assistant Coach: Michelle Lutz
Assistant Coach: Megan Miller

2018 Schedule

Head Coach: Gabe Bakker
Assistant Coach: Kyle Stoner
Assistant Coach: Matt Trosky
Assistant Coach: Evan Schulte
Assistant Coach: Jackson Litterer
Assistant Coach: Mike DeWaard
Assistant Coach: Jake Sedlacek
Assistant Coach: Todd Mosier
Assistant Coach: Trevor Bollers
Assistant Coach: Bob Broghammer
Assistant Coach: Mikkel Brown

Head Coach:  Matt Trosky
Varsity Asst. Coach:  Blake Wilson
Level 2 Coach:  Earl Berg
Level 2 Coach:  Eden Campbell
Level 3 Coach:  Jamie Henze
Level 3 Coach:  Maddy Beckler

Varsity Softball Schedule
Level 2 Softball Schedule
Level 3 Softball Schedule

Head Coach:  Brent Henry
Varsity Assistant:  Nick Boeset
Level 2 Coach:  TBD  
Level 3 Coach:  TBD 

Varsity Baseball Schedule
Level 2 Baseball Schedule
Level 3 Baseball Schedule

Girls Soccer Schedule

Head Coach: Matt Harding
Asstistant Coach: Kasey Bortz

Boys Golf Schedule

Head Coach: Chad McCarty
Asst. Coach: Brad Fox

Boys Track Schedule

Head Coach: Ben Robison 
Assistant Coach: Karl Vogel
Assistant Coach: Jackson Litterer
Assistant Coach: Gabe Bakker
ssistant Coach: Trevor Bollers



Head Coach: Margaret Trumpold

The mission of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is to prepare students to be productive, responsible,
community members by providing an environment that inspires quality life-long learning.