Sophomore Year
Start looking around at different colleges and schools. Take college visits, talk with college representatives when they are on campus during lunch. Use IHAVEAPLAN IOWA to help make informed decisions on careers, majors and what high school course you will need to take to be admitted. Remember, you may take the PSAT test in October, and this is very inexpensive way to take a college admission test to see what they are like and see how you are doing in comparison to others across the nation. Be sure you have started or updated your resume-this should include high school and community involvement (sports, drama, honor roll, jobs, volunteer time, 4-H etc.)  You will need this later when you actually start the college and scholarship application process, or job applications. Update this annually. Last, take advantage of job shadows, they are available both Fall and Spring semesters.

Junior Year
Keep visiting different colleges. Narrow down you choices by the end of the school year to 3-5. Explore the majors and programs offered by these schools. Take the ACT (or SAT). You may take each more than once and the college will always take your highest composite score. Over half the students that take the exam more than once improve their scores. Start the scholarship search process.,, and Ihaveaplaniowa all are legitimate search vehicles. Take advantage of job shadows in the fall and spring and possible internships for your senior year. Take the PSAT test in October if you wish. Remember, if you do well on standardized tests the PSAT may qualify for scholarships. Stay on track to be able to take college, Career Academy or AP courses to gain college credit in high school.

Senior Year
Apply to the colleges you have chosen. Be sure to have someone from CCAHS send an official transcript to the colleges! July-September of your senior year is a great time to apply to lessen your stress and worry. Take the ACT or SAT. If you are taking them again to improve your score be sure to take either the September, October or as a last resort, the December test. Update your resume. Apply for scholarship. Many will be listed on the school website. Many are available through searches.  YOU CAN’T GET A SCHOLARSHIP SIMPLY BY WISHING. IT TAKES WORK AND FILLING OUT APPLICATIONS!!!! Do job shadows or internships and have a great year!!!

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