The following information is from the Iowa Department of Public Health:

“As the winter months approach, IDPH offers a reminder about the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the acquisition and spread of disease. Both alcohol-based hand sanitizers and hand-washing are effective ways of preventing disease, but remember these important facts:

  • Hand sanitizers are not as effective when hands are visibly dirty. Hand washing should be used to physically remove the oil and grime that can harbor bacteria.
  • Hand sanitizers should not replace hand-washing in situations that warrant it, including food preparation, restroom use, and diaper changing.
  • Hand sanitizers are not effective in killing certain pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, norovirus, or Clostridium difficile.

Hand hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent infections in any season, 
using hand-washing or hand-sanitizing as appropriate. For more information, visit

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