State law requires that all children attending school must be fully immunized and have a state Certificate of Immunization on file at school by the first day of attendance. The law has provided for religious and medical exemptions and for certain provisional certifications. 

Current Iowa immunization requirements for elementary and secondary schools are:

…3 doses if born on or before 9/15/00 with 1 dose > 4 years of age
…4 doses if born after 9/15/00 with 1 dose > 4 years of age

…3 doses with 1 dose > 4 years of age

…2 doses or positive antibody test for measles and rubella. 
~1st dose must be at >12 months of age
~2nd dose no less than 28 days after the 1st dose

Hepatitis B…
…3 doses if born on or after 7/1/94

…1 dose at >12 months of age if born on or after 9/15/97
…or a reliable history of natural disease

Iowa immunization law requires that every child who enters school in Iowa must have proof of at least one of each of these required immunizations. Provisional certificates may be issued for children who have begun but not completed the required immunizations. The provisional certificate expires in 60 days in which time the immunization series should be completed. If at the end of the 60 days, an attempt has not been made to complete the series of required immunizations, the child will be excluded from school In addition, vaccines administered > 5 days before the minimum interval or age are considered invalid.

For further information regarding immunizations, contact the Iowa Department of Public Health at 1-800-831-6293 or visit

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