Head Lice Fact Sheet

We routinely have cases of lice in our school community. Lice are small insects or bugs that live on the human body. They are a grayish-brown in color and smaller than a sesame seed. The eggs of lice are called nits. Nits attach to hair strands. Nits can remain viable on clothing for about 1 month. Head lice can survive for about a week off of their human host. Lice are transmitted from person to person with close contact or by sharing personal items. Lice may crawl from host to host, but they do not hop, jump, or fly. In order to prevent the spread of lice, children should not share clothing, hats, helmets, combs/ brushes, or bedding (please remind your child of this). Various insecticide sprays are marketed to target head lice on inanimate objects such as helmets, furniture, and flooring, but these are very dangerous to children and are no longer recommended.

The Iowa Department of Public Health suggests that weekly screenings at home provide the opportunity for prompt recognition and treatment of head lice. I recommend that you screen your child once a week and if you find live lice or nits, follow the health department’s treatment guidelines. Students should not be excluded from school because of lice.

Feel free to contact Kathy Campbell with questions or concerns regarding this matter. You may reach Kathy by email at kathycampbell@ccaschools.org

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