Identification of At-Risk Students

An “at-risk student” means any identified student who needs additional support and who is not meeting or not expected to meet the established goals of the educational program (academic, personal/social, career/vocational). At-risk students include but are not limited to students in the following groups: homeless children and youth, dropouts, returning dropouts, and potential dropouts. -Iowa Administrative Code, § 218 – 12.2(256)

CCA Identification Process of At-Risk Students

At-Risk Programs

The Clear Creek Amana Community School District provides intervention and prevention services for students At-Risk. The At-Risk programs are varied, but include the following;

Student Groups

Students are able to meet one-on-one or in a small group with an at-risk teacher. Skills worked on vary dependent upon student need. These groups may include: individual or small group reading and/or math support, individualized learning, interpersonal skills, problem solving/conflict resolution, and check in and connect with a teacher throughout the day.

Credit Recovery

The credit recovery program is an online program at the high school. This program allows students to take E2020 online classes to make up credit for traditional classes they have failed. Students are also provided an alternate testing site to complete subject area tests, quizzes and receive support for successful completion of tests, coursework and credit completion.

Alternative Credit Center

The alternative credit center is where students can take teacher developed course offerings for students that need to make up credit for classes that they have failed.

Kirkwood Learning Center

Clear Creek Amana has partnered with Kirkwood Community College to offer credit recovery. This program offers academic support with individualized learning plans and tutoring to assist with completion of credits for graduation.

Student Services

Barb Hunt
Director of Student Services
(319) 828-4505

Sarah Gaeta
Student Support Services Administrative Assistant
(319) 828-4510 Ext. 4


The mission of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is to prepare students to be productive, responsible,
community members by providing an environment that inspires quality life-long learning.