By giving to the Clear Creek Amana Foundation you will be part of the your community's future.

Options for planned giving:

  • outright pledges of cash
  • bequests
  • living trusts
  • life insurance agreements
  • testamentary trusts
  • memorials

The Foundation will arrange for estate planning or financial counseling you need to ensure the most productive use of your assets and to insure important tax benefits for you or your estate.

Permanent memorials can be established through named scholarships or other designated projects. The CCA Foundation will manage and ensure that funds are used as intended. Your gift is your investment in a planned tomorrow.

Several endowments have been established through planned giving within the Clear Creek Amana Community School Foundation to support specific areas. Contributions may be designated to these endowments in order to increase the moneys they are able to generate each year, or new endowments may be started.

  • CCA General Endowment
  • Springmier Library Endowment
  • Amana Library Endowment
  • Amana Swim Club Endowment
  • Amana Pool Fund
  • Braverman Scholarship Fund
  • Pacha Family Scholarship Fund
  • Selzer Scholarship Fund
  • O'Briant Scholarship Fund
  • Neitderhisar Scholarship Fund

For more information about annual giving or planned giving through the Clear Creek Amana Community School Foundation, Please contact the  or mail to PO Box 30, Oxford, IA 52322

All inquiries are confidential.

The purpose of the Clear Creek Amana Community School Foundation is to maintain, develop, increase and extend the facilities and services of the district providing high quality educational opportunities.

Mission: The Clear Creek Amana Foundation partners with the community to build awareness and financial support to enhance the educational experience for all CCA students.

CCA Foundation Board of Directors:
Jeff Ritchie, President
Dan Steines, Vice President
Aimee Pitlick, Secretary
Ronda Detlefsen, Treasurer
TJ Croco
Heather Fox
Brad Fox
Margaret Trumpold
Karolyn Trumpold
Elaine Watson
Rick Hergert
Janet Grafft
Shaun Kukuzke
Larry Pacha, Emeritus
Bev Seelman, Emeritus
Tim Kuehl, ex-officio School Superintendent
Matt McAreavy, ex-officio School Board of Director
Nikki Knapp, ex-officio School Board of Director

CCA Foundation
P.O. Box 30
Oxford, Iowa 52322-0030.

The mission of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is to prepare students to be productive, responsible,
community members by providing an environment that inspires quality life-long learning.