Tax revenues are the basis of but do not completely support the reasonable educational demands of any school system. Taxes are also limited by laws that sometimes make them inaccessible when they are most needed.

Private contributions will enhance and enrich curriculum offerings, the arts, library acquisitions, technical equipment, extra curricular activities, career opportunities in the form of scholarships, and facility development.

Gifts may be for designated or undesignated purposes. Undesignated gifts are encouraged so that the Foundation can respond to the highest priority needs of the district.

Gifts have been used to purchase career counseling software, computer and audio-visual equipment, to provide scholarships, support student activity trips, and to provide better facilities.

A gift of $25 will buy a new book for the library. A gift of $100 will buy new software or classroom equipment. A gift of $1000 will buy a new computer.

All gifts are tax deductible.

The purpose of the Clear Creek Amana Community School Foundation is to maintain, develop, increase and extend the facilities and services of the district providing high quality educational opportunities.

Laurie Haman

CCA Foundation Board of Directors:

Jeff Ritchie

Dan Steines

Aimee Pitlick

Ronda Detlefsen

TJ Croco
Heather Fox
Brad Fox
Larry Pacha
Bev Seelman
Margaret Trumpold
Karolyn Trumpold
Elaine Watson
Tim Kuehl
Rick Hergert

Matt McAreavy
Nikki Knapp

CCA Foundation
P.O. Box 30
Oxford, Iowa 52322-0030.

The mission of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is to prepare students to be productive, responsible,
community members by providing an environment that inspires quality life-long learning.